About Nintendo Scene

The Nintendo Scene website is an evolution of a games community founded by a Nintendo games fan called Stuart back in 2003. It was then called NGC-FS (Nintendo GameCube File Sharing community). We had pioneered the sharing of game saves with other gamers around the world. The group became very successful reaching over 3000 members but went into decline when the Nintendo Wii released and game save sharing became less significant. We then evolved into a Nintendo gaming discussion group called Nintendo Scene where we retained a great following of gamers from around the world. We have always been big on the latest news and discussion from the universe of Nintendo.

Re-launched in 2015, the New Nintendo Scene is helmed by a fresh team of passionate, dedicated Nintendo gamers based in the South of England. Wes and Conor are on hand to guide you through what promises to be an exciting time for Nintendo fans – and into the future of the greatest games company ever.

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