Hannah Eyre

Profile: All I am really interested in is Nintendo and raspberries and science and photography and a certain wonderful person called Mark (AKA my boyfriend). Nothing much else. My deep and passionate love affair with Nintendo began at the tender age of four when on a four hour car journey to Wales. My constant moans of, 'Are we there yet?' drove my poor Father to the brink of insanity and in a desperate bid to shut me up he placed his Gameboy in my small hands, slotted in Super Mario Land, switched the power on and BAM. I was hooked for life from then on. Those beautiful monochrome visuals and cheery chiptunes blew my tiny mind and I spent the rest of the car journey and the rest of the holiday guiding Mario through Sarasaland. Mario has since taken a back seat in my Nintendo adoration with Animal Crossing being my primary obsession. Pokémon is a close second and Mario follows shortly after. I'm not claiming to be overly good at or experienced in gaming but what I lack in skill and knowledge, I make up for in passion.

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