A Hat in Time is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 18th; Check Out the Trailer

The adorable throwback retro 3D platformer A Hat in Time is coming to Nintendo Switch on October 18th. After winning the hearts of PC gamers and PS4 and Xbox One owners when it released back in 2017, developers announced in 2018 that A Hat in Time would be coming to Nintendo Switch. While many like … Continue reading

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Buy Physical Copies of Shakedown Hawaii Next Week on Switch!

My favourite GTA game isn’t actually a GTA game, it’s Shakedown Hawaii VBlank’s 16 bit styled shady corporation builder. Come next week (25th September) you can buy a physical region free copy of this incredible game. It comes in two flavours; standard for $29.99 and a collector’s edition that’s limited to 4,000 copies for $44.99, … Continue reading

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Bring the Hatsune Miku Arcade Experience Home on Switch with Dedicated Project Diva Mega39’s Controller

Hatsune miku project diva switch controller

If your just itching for that arcade experience from the comfort of your sofa or even on a train or plane the Hori have the product for you. Featuring a touch slider and every single button on a Switch controller and a headphone/microphone jack, this dedicated controller can actually be used to play anything, how … Continue reading

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Spirit Hunter: NG Nintendo Switch First 15 Minutes Gameplay

Spirit Hunter NG Switch Gameplay

The sequel to the excellent visual novel Spirit Hunter: Death Mark, Spirit Hunter: NG is out 10th October and is shaping up to be a big improvement on the already fascinating original. Check out the first 15 minutes as you jump to this horror visual novel adventure. Uncover a dark mystery as you try to … Continue reading

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Horizon Chase DLC; Summer Vibes is Out Now

The Nintendo Switches best arcade racer gives an extra reason to drift back in (other than the excellent constantly updated playground mode): Summer Vibes DLC. For the low low price of £1.79 you get a shiny new car based on the all time classic Ferrari Testarossa from the original Outrun and I might I add … Continue reading

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Old School 90’s Arcade Beat ’em ups are Back with Fight’N Rage Coming to Switch Next Week

If you long for the days in arcades back in the 90’s playing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Simpsons, Golden Axe and other classic beat ’em ups you’re in luck because Fight’N Rage takes everything great about those classic games, mashes them together, adds more modern features and a playable minotaur called Ricardo then let’s … Continue reading

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GRID Autosport Switch Simulation Pro Motion Controls Gameplay Video

GRID Autosport is out now on Switch and it is hands down the best racing game on the console. With complete control over difficulty, handling models and controls it is the ultimate racing game for accessibility options. This video shows a race with simulation pro handling and motion controls, the hardest and most realistic combination … Continue reading

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AI: The Somnium Files – First Somnium Gameplay Video (Abstract Puzzles)

The Somnium Files is now out digitally across the globe and any fan of visual novels should go buy it, although physically is a bit cheaper. You play as Kaname Date a detective at the ABIS police force, a secret police division that dive into people’s brains to extract repressed or hidden memories. In this … Continue reading

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PUBG Developer Bringing Dungeon Crawler RPG Mistover to Switch

That’s right Krafton the developer of PUBG has a new game coming soon and it’s an RPG with a stunning art style. Dive into 40 hours of mist covered procedurally generated dungeons with a team of corps from eight different classes. Some of these classes are pretty standard, such as a tanky Paladin, others are … Continue reading

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AI: The Somnium Files First 15 Minutes Switch Gameplay Video

Spike Chunsoft’s latest visual novel is as good as it gets in my opinion. It features a twisting, turning story that’ll leave you scratching your head and itching to find out what happens next. Starring a relatable good humoured cast of lovable characters you’ll soon become extremely attached to. Plus there’s abstract puzzles from inside … Continue reading

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