3D Classics: Kid Icarus Will Be Available This Coming Thursday

Hooray! More free games from Nintendo, can it get any better? This Thursday, you will be available to download 3D Classics: Kid Icarus through the eShop. It will be available for free, yes, free, to those that have registered 2 of any of the titles below on Club Nintendo. You can check the games to … Continue reading

Get Kid Icarus 3D Classics For Free

Good news! It has come to everyones attention that Europe will be able to avail of 3D Classics: Kid Icarus for free. To qualify for your free download, all you have to do is register any 2 of the Nintendo 3DS titles below between November 1st and January 31st. Not only this, but you will … Continue reading

A Call to Arms: The 3DS Ambassador Title and What It Means

On July 28th, Nintendo – after not getting favorable reception for their new Nintendo 3DS system – announced a massive price drop across all regions, which triggered an outpouring of emotion froms gamers: happiness, rage, anger, relief, hopefulness and so on. In order to keep the early buyers happy and away from any form of … Continue reading

E-Shop USA- week of Aug. 18th

On Thursday the Nintendo 3DS e-shop was once again updated,  and so following is a run-through of all the latest additions. Nintendo has another contestant in the 3D Classics division and new material for the Nintendo Video channel as well. Urban Champion is the newest game to get the “3D facelift” and it actually looks … Continue reading

New 3DS Classics Titles in Development

It has been confirmed that Nintendo are currently developing six new games for the 3D Classics range on the Nintendo e-Shop. The 3D Classics consists of NES titles that have had an overhaul so the player can view the games in 3D. More games are in development, according to Nintendo’s Takao Nakano. Nakano is the … Continue reading

Excitebike 3D to be the first 3D Classic for 3DS

Nintendo’s 3D Classics is set to bring 3D remakes of classic games to 3DS via the 3DS firmware update due in May. The program, like the Wii’s Virtual Console, will bring classic games to gamers to play now, but the games in the 3D Classics range will be manipulated to take advantage of the 3DS’ … Continue reading

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