A Call to Arms: The 3DS Ambassador Title and What It Means

On July 28th, Nintendo – after not getting favorable reception for their new Nintendo 3DS system – announced a massive price drop across all regions, which triggered an outpouring of emotion froms gamers: happiness, rage, anger, relief, hopefulness and so on. In order to keep the early buyers happy and away from any form of … Continue reading

3DS Ambassador Program – Have You Downloaded Yet?

Since Nintendo announced the 3DS Ambassador Program just weeks ago, many of us have been so excited knowing we would be getting 20 Nintendo games free of charge. We have been eagerly awaiting news on what titles were available to us, and the sooner the time came to play those games, the better! Well today … Continue reading

10 NES Ambassador Games For Japan

Only days away from receiving our free Ambassador games, Nintendo of Japan have posted up the list of NES titles that they will be downloading from September 1st. Heres the list of games that will be available in Japan starting this week: Super Mario Bros. Legend of Zelda Ice Climber Balloon Fight Donkey Kong Jr. Wrecking Crew … Continue reading

Missed the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme? Or worried about your Ambassador registration?

Did you miss the registration for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme even though you bought your Nintendo 3DS before 12 Aug 11?  Or are you worried that your Nintendo 3DS didn’t register? Don’t fear! Nintendo will soon be launching a website, where you will be able to enter the number on the back of your … Continue reading

Ambassador Program Registration Ends This Thursday Night

The majority of you 3DS owners will already know about the 3DS Ambassador Program, which was announced by Nintendo on July 28th. You don’t need me to tell you again what its about as you already know from all the excitement the program has created through the internet and the social networking sites. For those … Continue reading

Written Apology Letter From Iwata

Recently Nintendo dropped a bomb by announcing that there would be a price drop on the 4 month old Nintendo 3DS system. Here we have an apology from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in regards to Nintendo’s recent decisions on the price cut and the 3DS Ambassador Program. To Those Customers Who Bought A Nintendo 3DS … Continue reading

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