America Gets Its First Wii U TV Commercial

The Wii U will be available in America on 18th November, a couple of weeks before Europe. You’d think then, that the US would have their marketing machine at all-systems go by now but they’ve only just had their first Wii U TV advert aired, nearly two weeks later than the UK’s first was broadcasted! … Continue reading

Cruz Sisters Perform Miracle In Latest Nintendo Advert

Penélope and Mónica Cruz are back with their trusty blue 3DS XL in the latest Nintendo advertising campaign and this time they’re doing a spot of puzzling. Yes, seemingly done with New Super Mario Bros. 2 the sister act are now ploughing through Professor Layton and The Miracle Mask. The new commercial shows the pair taking … Continue reading

Opinion: First Wii U TV Advert Airs In The UK

The great British public got to see their first glimpse of the Wii U over the weekend with the first advert airing on television in the commercial break during the popular drama, Homeland. The advert focussed mainly on what the new console brings to the market, with the GamePad taking centre stage. It showed how … Continue reading

Penélope Cruz And Her Sister Join Forces With Nintendo For New Super Mario Bros. 2 Advert

Penélope Cruz and her sister Mónica Cruz  star in a new campaign for New Super Mario Bros. 2, the brand new side-scrolling game launching this Friday 17th August for Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL. Nintendo of Europe and Nintendo UK Twitter feeds had followers guessing who was the woman behind the moustache for a bit of … Continue reading

European Advert For Nintendo 3DS XL

The first European ad for the Nintendo 3DS XL has appeared, and we have it below for you to check out. The ad looks quite good, and we clearly get the message as it has the biggest screen ever on a Nintendo handheld. Will you be picking one up next month? Related articles New 3DS XL … Continue reading

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