Travel Japan Report – Arrival at Narita Airport, Exploration of Ueno and Akihabara, Tokyo

This is a lighthearted report of my wonderful experiences during this my first trip to Japan. I hope to use this series of reports to provide you with a real insight of a first time visitors perspective to some of Tokyo’s districts and Kyoto including various tourist attractions. I am going to try and list as much detail and information, … Continue reading

London (UK) First StreetPass and Mii Trading Meet-up – 27.03.11

After the Akihabara (Tokyo – Japan) critical mass, as well as the already planned event in Washington, D.C. (StreetPass DC).  It was only a matter of time before London had it’s very own meeting. So here it is. St Pancras Station – Upper Concourse – Under the New Olympic Rings at 12:00pm Lunchtime (for as long as … Continue reading

Akihabara Japan Sees Large 3DS Mii Trading

Reported by Dale North, today in Tokyo’s Akihabara district saw a big get together of 3DS owners simply to trade the Mii creations with one another. Akihabara is the technology geek zone, populated by shop upon shop of video game and manga outlets, amongst other such technology shops. IT is a mecca for gaming fans. I myself with be sure to … Continue reading

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