Nintendo Sending Spotpass Notifications About GBA Ambassador Titles

It is said that Nintendo will be sending out SpotPass notifications to users that are eligible for the Ambassador Program, to let them know when their Game Boy Advance games will be available for download. Apparently some people have already got their notifications. Have you? Let us know! Related Articles 3DS Ambassador Program – Have You Downloaded Yet? ( … Continue reading

Your thoughts on the 3DS Ambassador Program

There is no ignoring that the 3DS didn’t get off to the best start after it’s launch and Nintendo responded with the recent price cut. But what about those of us who had already purchased the hand-held? Those loyal Nintendo fans surely didn’t deserve to be punished for their faith in the company? Nintendo didn’t … Continue reading

Missed the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme? Or worried about your Ambassador registration?

Did you miss the registration for the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme even though you bought your Nintendo 3DS before 12 Aug 11?  Or are you worried that your Nintendo 3DS didn’t register? Don’t fear! Nintendo will soon be launching a website, where you will be able to enter the number on the back of your … Continue reading

Nintendo 3DS Ambassador – Full List of Games Revealed?

A rumour on GoingNintendo suggests the full list of 3DS Ambassador games to be as follows: NES Super Mario Bros. Donkey Kong Jr. Balloon Fight Ice Climber The Legend of Zelda Metroid Super Mario Bros. 2 Kid Icarus Zelda II: The Adventure of Link Kirby’s Adventure GBA Yoshi’s Island: Super Mario Advance 3 Mario Kart: … Continue reading

Ambassador Program Registration Ends This Thursday Night

The majority of you 3DS owners will already know about the 3DS Ambassador Program, which was announced by Nintendo on July 28th. You don’t need me to tell you again what its about as you already know from all the excitement the program has created through the internet and the social networking sites. For those … Continue reading

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