Rumour: Wolf Link amiibo unlocks new dungeon in Twilight Princess HD

amiibo wolf

According to the information section on Amazon France, there is supposedly a new dungeon in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD that can only be accessed using the Wolf Link amiibo figure. The dungeon is apparently called “The Twilight Cave” (Cave du Crépuscule). This little detail was pointed out by Nintendo Insider and a NeoGAF member, … Continue reading

Shovel Knight amiibo scanning through the box was intentional

amiibo figure

Last week, the Shovel Knight amiibo launched across the US and Europe, and fans noticed something different with this amiibo figure compared to others. Those who bought the Shovel Knight amiibo were able to scan the figure from its box, without having to release the figure from its confinement. This came as a welcome surprise to … Continue reading

NS Review – Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival (Wii U)

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival’s board game mode has players doing almost nothing for its entirety.  That’s not to say it’s never fun. ‘Funny’ might be the more accurate word, actually. It’s not everyday a video game puts somebody on the verge of a tears while lamenting their bad luck throughout the game, only to have … Continue reading

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash launches for Nintendo 3DS on 6th November

Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash Nintendo 3DS

Evening all. Nintendo UK released some information about Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash today – here’s the full press release. Oh, and you can find out what we thought of the game when we played it here. Are you going to buying this game? Let us know below! 7th October, 2015 – When Earth’s resources are in danger from a mischievous … Continue reading

NintenRants V – Nintendo and the European Problem

After a short break, the NintenRants are back and with a little more ferocity. The last one tackled the difficult issue of why I think Super Mario Galaxy 3 should never be made (which you can find here). So, let’s get down to this! Europe doesn’t really matter to Nintendo. That may sound like a … Continue reading

Nintendo Release Super Mario Maker Overview Video

Nintendo Wii U Super Mario Maker Overview Video

Ahead of Super Mario Maker’s release on 11th September, Nintendo of America have put together a rather insightful Overview video. The video is below for your viewing pleasure and includes details of amiibo use in the game, newly revealed details of sound effects and music block customisations and the confirmation that, perhaps controversially, the number of … Continue reading

2015 Launch Dates and Editions Revealed for Mario, Zelda, Xenoblade, Star Fox and More…

The Legend Of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes

As Gamescom 2015 kicks off in Cologne this week Nintendo have revealed some big release dates and editions for 2015. Highlights include confirmation that The Legend of Zelda: Tri Force Heroes is coming to Europe on 23rd October, two limited edition Xenoblade Chronicles X Packs are launching in December and news of an Animal Crossing amiibo … Continue reading

Super Mario Maker Wii U Premium Pack Launching 11th September in Europe

As confirmed by Nintendo today, a Wii U Premium Pack including Super Mario Maker and that awesome pixel Mario amiibo will launch on 11th September in Europe. Check out all the details from Nintendo UK’s Press Release below and read our hands on Preview of Super Mario Maker here. Are you planning on getting this game? … Continue reading

NS Preview – Post E3 hands on with Chibi-Robo! Zip Lash (3DS)

In case you hadn’t heard already the Nintendo Scene troop were busy up in Shoreditch (London, UK) last week playing demo builds of juicy upcoming 3DS and Wii U titles. Our fingerprints have smeared all over the likes of Super Mario Maker, Yo-Kai Watch, Star Fox Zero, Metroid Prime: Blast Ball, The Legend of Zelda: … Continue reading

NS Preview – Post E3 hands on with Super Mario Maker (Wii U)

So us here at camp Nintendo Scene were invited to Nintendo UK’s post E3 event in sunny ol’ Shoreditch (London), in fact let’s say scorching Shoreditch as the hot weather powered up in many more ways than one! Despite shedding a ton of liquid the good news was me, Wes, Reuben and Conor all managed to … Continue reading

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