Family Tree Switch Review

Loco Roco meets Angry Birds You play as Mr or Mrs Fruit who’ve had all their baby fruits stolen by an evil blue floating candy skull called Pedro because being the responsible parents you are left all your babies to sleep outside alone while you slept in your comfy bed. Rather than steal all your … Continue reading

Fruit Flinging Pinball Platformer: Family Tree is Out Now

So you might be thinking “what the hell is Family Tree and why should I care?” Well Family Tree is a crazy but chilled vertical platformer with pinball elements and a very cute art style. Fling Mr or Mrs Fruit up 160 levels to collect their babies after an evil floating skull stole them all. … Continue reading

New Short Film Shows Mario Give Angry Birds A Go!

Ever wondered what a hybrid between Mario and Angry Birds would look like? Silly question, who hasn’t? Thankfully amateur film-makers CC Megaproductions have produced a short live-action film showing a spritely Mario put all that Fire Flower throwing to good use as he picks up a few chicks (don’t tell Peach) sets them alight and pings them towards … Continue reading

Angry Birds Confirmed for Wii and 3DS

It has come to light via a simple twitter discussion between Rovio Mobile and a fan of their Angry Birds games that Wii and 3DS will indeed see a release of this popular game application. Below is a copy of what had been tweeted on twitter earlier today. Beginning with the inquiry from Alex direct to … Continue reading

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