Animal Crossing 3DS LL, New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS LL, & Monster Hunter 3 3DS LL Revealed

Oh you lucky Japanese gamers. Nintendo of Japan have just unveiled a whopping three new 3DS LL bundles, which of course are those mentioned in the headline above. Yes, Japan will be getting an Animal Crossing 3DS LL, New Super Mario Bros. 2 3DS LL and a Monster Hunter 3 3DS LL. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata … Continue reading

New Animal Crossing 3DS Details Revealed

The most recent issue of Famitsu magazine has given us new details on the upcoming Animal Crossing 3DS game. It includes fresh details that the game will showcase a gardening store, where you can purchase plants, and a raccoon housing project, run by Tom Nook. New stores have been introduced which include a shoe store run … Continue reading

Animal Crossing And Fire Emblem: Awakening Set For 2013

Nintendo of Europe president Satoru Shibata confirmed that Animal Crossing 3DS and Fire Emblem: Awakening 3DS will not will not reach the 3DS until next year. Nintendo had previously announced that Fire Emblem for 2012, but Shibata said that Nintendo want to work hard on developing the best games possible. Animal Crossing and Fire Emblem are now … Continue reading

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