Nintendo Sending Donkey Kong: Original Edition Codes To Lucky Few In North America

If you live in America and bought Crosswords Plus or Art Academy via the 3DS eShop then this one’s for you! Provided you’ve registered either of the two games on Club Nintendo you will be eligible for a promotion that enables you to download Donkey Kong: Original Edition. The lucky few who did download one of the two games … Continue reading

Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Lands on the 3DS Virtual Console this Week

Old Konami favourite Goemon is making a comeback this week with the release of the Game Boy title Mystical Ninja starring Goemon on the 3DS Virtual Console. The game sees you take control of three characters, Goemon, Ebisumaru and Sasuke, as you attempt to rescue your ninja mate Yae from the clutches of the evil … Continue reading

New Club Nintendo Rewards

The newest batch of Club Nintendo Rewards are in! Two new games to buy with coins and a new reward were added to the Club Nintendo catalog  recently and Club Nintendo finally looks like they are getting the hint that people want cool things that other non-members can’t get a hold of. The newest reward … Continue reading

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