Bee Simulator Nintendo Switch Review

Bee Simulator isn’t a simulator in your traditional sense, this is a game where you play as a bee out to save the tree that you call home, tucked away in a corner of New York’s Central Park.  Flying around is a joy to behold in Bee Simulator, it was the experience I never knew … Continue reading

Bee Simulator Launch Trailer and Details

Take a unique trip through Central Park in New York unlike anything you’ve experienced before, because you’re a bee. Bee Simulator is out now and was actually pushed back by nearly a year by developers VARSAV Game Studios to make sure it was the best it could bee. Within Bee Simulator you learn you a … Continue reading

WRC 8 Nintendo Switch Review: Freaking Fantastic Fast & Fluid Rally Action

WRC 8 on Nintendo Switch is a realistic officially licensed rally simulation racing game, with all the official cars, teams and drivers. There’s over 100 stages across 14 rallies so plenty to race on. Let’s just start by saying the rallying is bloody awesome in WRC 8, on a fast rally like Finland the exhilarating … Continue reading

WRC 8 Switch Release Date Pushed Back to November but there’s an Iconic Cars Trailer

While WRC 8 launches in a few days on other platforms, us Nintendo fans have to wait till the 14th November, I assume this is to make sure the Switch version plays just as smoothly as the other platforms. Thankfully other games using Bigben’s KT engine do run well on Switch so WRC 8 with … Continue reading

FIA European Truck Racing Championship Review – Switch

I’m a trucker I’m a trucker, I keep country rolling. I’m a trucker I’m a trucker, I like beer and broads and bowling. Now that’s out of my system, let’s talk about FIA European Truck Racing Championship, drop the FIA European for our Northern American buddies and ETRC from now on. It is an officially … Continue reading

Shake your Beehind with Bee Simulator Coming to Nintendo Switch, Including a Physical Edition

Ever wanted to be a bee? Now you can with Bee Simulator when it comes to Switch 14th November. Chill out and collect pollen, race other bees, have a waggle dance off or just fly around it’s it’s good when you’re a bee. Plus it’s going to have local multiplayer making Bee Simulator a great … Continue reading

Hill Climbing Game Overpass Coming to Nintendo Switch – Like Trials with Cars

Bigben are showing amazing 3rd party support to the Nintendo Switch with TT Isle of Man, FIA European Truck Racing and the upcoming WRC 8 all being the same games as on other on consoles but that’s not all folks as Bigben have just announced Overpass coming to Switch February 2020, it’s definitely the first … Continue reading

WRC 8 is Going to be the Switch’s Most Realistic Racer

Bigben have just released a Dev diary on YouTube (which you can watch below) showing off all the physics improvements compared to WRC 7 and boasting that their data is similar to Citroen’s own rally team data (good stuff). All this means WRC 8 is going to feel pretty realistic, a first really for a … Continue reading

FIA European Truck Racing Championship is Out this Week, Check out Trailers, Gameplay and Info

If you want something a little bit different from a racing game then FIA European Truck Racing Championship will be one you want to keep a close eye on. Hurtle hulking huge 5 tonne trucks around the official tracks of the ETRC (FIA European Truck Racing Championship) and some extra world famous tracks such as … Continue reading

WRC 8 Pre-Order Bonuses and Release Date on Nintendo Switch

Not only is WRC 8 the first foray into the Switch for WRC, not only will be the most realistic rally game on Switch, not only has it got twice the special stages of the previous game, not only is it the same game as other consoles but WRC 8 is coming with a pretty … Continue reading

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