Nintendo Land Will Not Feature Online Play

Nintendo have confirmed that Nintendo Land will not include online multiplayer instead opting to promote the MiiVerse and the connections you can make through it. Bill Trinen, when speaking to 1-Up, confirmed this by saying: “It’s not going to be played over the network. There’s actually a logical reason for why they decided to do that. … Continue reading

Wii U GamePad Works Best Within 8 Metres of Your TV and Console

As you all probably know by now the Wii U has the capability in some instances to switch the action from your big TV screen to the smaller, more portable screen on your GamePad. That’s all very nice and all but just how far away can you go with your GamePad without losing solid communication … Continue reading

Nintendo Explains How to Transfer Your Data from Wii to Wii U

With the Wii U just around the corner many people are wondering what will happen to their current data they have sat inside their lovable Wii. Well Nintendo have explained how to go about transferring that data across to your Wii U in an easy, time-saving manner. Speaking to 1-Up, Bill Trinen of Nintendo of … Continue reading

Additional Wii U GamePads to be Made Available When Dual GamePad Content Arrives Next Year

Wondering why you won’t be able to get hold of an additional Wii U GamePad on launch? Well here’s your answer courtesy of Bill Trinen of Nintendo of America: you won’t need one. Yes, explaining why it wasn’t mentioned during the Nintendo Direct presentations, Trinen, during an interview with 1-Up, said: “The reason we didn’t … Continue reading

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