Hair-Raising Images Emerge Of Pokémon Themed Fashion Statement

Ever wanted to dress up as Pikachu and go off galavanting about electrifying the local townsfolk? Well some utterly disturbing images have been found in a Japanese fashion magazine showing how you can do just that! The image, found via Twitpic, shows a pair of ears apparently made by amassing fake hair, the kind that’s … Continue reading

Charles Martinet Vox Pops Himself Onto Australian Television

Charles Martinet is about as recognisable to Nintendo gamers as Justin Bieber is to females under the age of thirteen. It’s safe to say then that reporters working for Channel 7 news over in Australia aren’t big Nintendo gamers then as during a vox-popping session, picking up the views of passengers at Melbourne Airport after … Continue reading

NES Zapper Gets College Poster Banned In Canada

There’s been some more gun controversy over in North America recently and it’s not what you might think… To promote a “games themed social night” at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia a bunch of fun-loving students made some posters to put up around campus. However the Student Union of the university banned them … Continue reading

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