Whipseey and the Lost Atlas Review – Switch

After discovering a magical book, a young boy is whisked away to a magical land and transformed into the titular character Whipseey. As Whipseey, you have to use your whip to defeat enemies and navigate colourful levels.

Subdivision Infinity DX Review – Switch

Be the most destructive spaceship you can be, the galaxy awaits your help! When I first heard of Subdivision Infinity DX (from now on “Subdiv”), published by Blowfish Studios, I didn’t know that the game first debuted on mobile phones. In fact, I thought it was a console game to begin with. I was blown … Continue reading

Super Cute Retro Platformer Whipseey and the Lost Atlas Release Date, Price, Trailer and Press Release

Kirby and Mario inspired retro platforming pink ball of joy Whipseey and the Lost Atlas looks like a beautiful blend of Mario 2 , Kirby and a whip. It gets better than the lovely GBA style graphics as Whipseey is out on Nintendo Switch 28th August 2019 and is only £5. That’s right this mega … Continue reading

Explore the Universe in the New Space Adventure: Subdivision Infinity DX!

We all love a space shooter, even better if it showcases gorgeous visuals of the vastity of space. Developed using the state of the art Unreal Engine 4, the new title developed by Mistfly Games and published by Blowfish Studios promises to bring us on an explosive trip between spaceships, dog fights, lasers, destruction and … Continue reading

NS Review – War Tech Fighters (Switch)

Smacking down spaceships and epic outer space sword fights in giant mechs, this is War Tech Fighters. Meshing together anime style craziness with some Hollywood style beat down snippets mid gameplay in a fantastic mix of fast paced franticness and exploration through stunning environments. However the first thing you’re treated to when you boot War … Continue reading

War Tech Fighters Release Date, Trailer and Press Release

Blowfish Studios are bringing the arcade mech game to Switch on 27th June. With super fast paced gameplay, fantastic looking kill scenes and massive amount of mech customisation. It’s shaping up as a perfect game on Switch for short burst gameplay or longer customisation sessions. Check out the trailer and press release below. Lead a … Continue reading

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