Namco X Capcom Industry Fight Club Christmas Special for Games Aid (With Tekken Prime 3DS Hands-on)

Namco X Capcom Industry Fight Club Christmas Special for Games Aid Namco Station, Westminster, London Tonight was the Industry part of the Namco X Capcom Christmas Special Fight Club.  It was a night where despite the obvious rivalries being settled through fighting games, the world of gaming combined to raise money for Games Aid.  I’m … Continue reading

December’s First Weekend of Gaming Events – Mario Kart 7 is on!

Ready for a huge start to December?  Allow me to list some of the events happening from the opening of next month. This Friday (02 Dec 11) not only sees the release of Mario Kart 7 on the 3DS, but it’s also the Capcom Industry Charity Night Flight Club, where gaming industry professionals will be … Continue reading

Upcoming Capcom Events

Upcoming Capcom Events Capcom seem to be on a real push on the run up to Christmas and between now and then are involved in three events.  For details see below: Ultimate Villain – 09 Nov 11 – 19:00 – Villian, 89 Great Eastern Street, London Combining a night-out with a night-in, Villain is launching … Continue reading

Capcom Fight Club moves on to Bristol

Following the huge success of the Capcom London Fight Club the UK tour now moves on to Bristol for more of the same. Street Fighter x Tekken, Street Fighter III: Third Strike, Super Street Fighter IV AE and Marvel Vs Capcom 3 will all be playable for those who gain entry.  The event will once … Continue reading

Capcom London Fight Club – 20 Aug 11 – Report

Capcom Fight Clubs have been happening for a while over in the United States.  The last Capcom New York Fight Club on Thursday 18th August allowed fans to get to grips with the latest global builds of Street Fighter x Tekken, Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3, and Street Fighter 3 Online Edition with some legendary … Continue reading

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