Nintendo Scene’s Big N Moments of the Year 2015

We’ve recommended you plenty of Wii U, 3DS and (N)indie 2015 games to give a pop and now that the dust has settled what left is there to talk of? In an attempt to try something a little more off script and a little less release date specific, join us as we reminisce about Nintendo … Continue reading

Super Punch-Out!! Made Available As A Club Nintendo Reward

SNES classic Super Punch-Out!! is the latest game to be made available as a Club Nintendo reward and will cost you 150 coins. The game sees you don the gloves of Little Mac, Nintendo’s boxing star, as you attempt to climb the WVBA rankings to the very top! Super Punch-Out!! is available until 14th November and … Continue reading

Limited Edition Professor Layton Luggage Tags Up For Grabs

Layton fans, as soon as you receive your copy of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask on October 26th, do make sure you rush over to the Nintendo website to register your purchase. The first 5,000 people to register their game from 9am CET/8am BST will receive a limited edition leather Layton luggage tag (my, … Continue reading

PilotWings Made Available As A Club Nintendo Reward

Super Nintendo launch title PilotWings is the latest game to be made available as a Club Nintendo Reward and will set you back 100 coins. This was the first game of Nintendo’s flight simulator franchise and is all about guiding your various flying machines through tough obstacles as accurately and as quickly as possible! Since then we’ve … Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts AR Cards Arrive On Club Nintendo

Nintendo are releasing AR Cards for the latest 3DS title, Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance through Club Nintendo. Thats right, ,the Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance AR Cards will set you back 200 stars, the exact same as the Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Cards available in the Stars Catalogue. These will be different from the two cards that … Continue reading

Who Doesn’t Love Gold?

Gold seems to be a theme at Nintendo recently. First, it was announced that New Super Mario Bros. 2 would have the Coin Rush mode as well as pushing players to collect a million coins. Time for the next bit of news. Here in the United States, the long-awaited gold Nunchuk controller has finally been … Continue reading

Mario Kart 7 Trophies Available On European Club Nintendo

Fans of Mario Kart 7? Well these Mario Kart 7 trophies are perfect for you! Europe’s Club Nintendo has  just updated with three Mario Kart 7 trophies, Shell, Leaf and Special. Each trophy is going for just 5,000 Stars. I personally prefer the Special Trophy. The trophies are miniature versions of the full-sized trophies offered in various … Continue reading

USA Club Nintendo:End of Year Rewards

It’s that time of year when the weather starts to get warmer and days get longer. It also means that another Club Nintendo year has come and gone. That can also mean that Nintendo has announced the newest Gold and Platinum rewards for the lucky few who earned enough “coins” to get the good stuff. … Continue reading

Wii U Hands-On Experience NYC Recap: Steve T’s Perspective Part 1

It appears that being a Club Nintendo member has its benefits. Other than being able to get your hands on special limited edition Nintendo goods, you get invited to special events to play Nintendo games before anyone else does. This is exactly what happened with the Wii U. I was invited to give it a … Continue reading

Club Nintendo Offering Trio Of JRPG Commemorative Coins

As you know, Pandora’s Tower is released across Europe today April 13th, and a nice little surprise is waiting for you once you have registered all three of Nintendo‘s JRPG’s: Xenoblade Chronicles, The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. According to the source, after all three are registered, you are eligible to receive this gorgeous collection … Continue reading

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