GAME Will Not Stock 3DS’ Kid Icarus: Uprising

Today Nintendo have confirmed that high street retailers GAME and Gamestation will not be stocking the 3DS’ highly anticipated upcoming celestial adventure, Kid Icarus: Uprising. It also seems as though the previously announced AR Card pre-order bonus has also been ditched. However, don’t despair as Club Nintendo members can pick up these AR sets for … Continue reading

New Club Nintendo Rewards

The newest batch of Club Nintendo Rewards are in! Two new games to buy with coins and a new reward were added to the Club Nintendo catalog  recently and Club Nintendo finally looks like they are getting the hint that people want cool things that other non-members can’t get a hold of. The newest reward … Continue reading

3D Classics: Kid Icarus Will Be Available This Coming Thursday

Hooray! More free games from Nintendo, can it get any better? This Thursday, you will be available to download 3D Classics: Kid Icarus through the eShop. It will be available for free, yes, free, to those that have registered 2 of any of the titles below on Club Nintendo. You can check the games to … Continue reading

Details on our Mini Christmas Giveaway – Take Part

Although we here at Nintendo Scene will be spending time with our family or completing a few Skyward Sword side quests, we still have you our followers in mind. Over Christmas Day and Boxing Day we will be releasing dozens of free Club Nintendo PIN# codes for you to snap up and register. They will … Continue reading

Pimp My Club Nintendo

Recently, the Club Nintendo( in USA at-least)  site was given plastic surgery to have that younger, more modern feel to it. Let me just say that the bandages came off the other day and the site looks way better than it used to. It looks years younger and I don’t think you can tell that … Continue reading

Get Kid Icarus 3D Classics For Free

Good news! It has come to everyones attention that Europe will be able to avail of 3D Classics: Kid Icarus for free. To qualify for your free download, all you have to do is register any 2 of the Nintendo 3DS titles below between November 1st and January 31st. Not only this, but you will … Continue reading

Limited Edition Mario 3DS Consoles For Club Nintendo Japan

These look pretty sweet don’t they? Feast your eyes on the Limited Edition Mario 3DS consoles, which will only be available in Japan for Club Nintendo members. Those that register two games between the 1st October and 15th January will be entered into a draw to win one of these limited edition consoles, and everyone … Continue reading

Xenoblade Chronicles Free Soundtrack Available Now

If you have managed to secure yourself a copy of Xenoblade Chronicles despite stock shortages, head on over to Club Nintendo to bag yourself a free download of the soundtrack. There are twelve amazing songs on the soundtrack, with my personal favourite being Gaur Plains, which you can check out by clicking on the link. … Continue reading

Got My Zelda Sountrack, The Hard Way!

Seeing as people in Europe are finally getting their Zelda soundtracks, are they wondering if North American gamers had an easier time obtaining their copy of the soundtrack? That would be a NO! One fan in particular, had a tough time getting it. Ok, the fan was me and my situation needs to be heard … Continue reading

My Ocarina Of Time Soundtrack Has Arrived!

Hurrah! My The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Official Soundtrack CD has finally arrived from Club Nintendo today! By purchasing Ocarina of Time upon launch, fans could register their game on the Nintendo website up to June 30th to obtain a free soundtrack, which I did as soon as I got in my door from … Continue reading

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