GRID Autosport Switch Simulation Pro Motion Controls Gameplay Video

GRID Autosport is out now on Switch and it is hands down the best racing game on the console. With complete control over difficulty, handling models and controls it is the ultimate racing game for accessibility options. This video shows a race with simulation pro handling and motion controls, the hardest and most realistic combination … Continue reading

GRID Autosport Review – The Best Accessibility Options and Racing Game on Switch

Hallelujah for analogue acceleration. A last gen remaster and port of a mobile game is now the best racing game on Switch with some of the best accessibility options ever. While the racing genre offerings on Switch are few and far between it doesn’t change the fact that Feral Interactive have done an absolutely astounding … Continue reading

GRID Autosport New Trailer and Graphics Modes for Switch

GRID Autosport has one feature I think most Switch games should have. You can choose between different graphical options. These include; Graphics Mode; that features the best graphics possible in GRID but only 30 fps. Performance Mode; that features not as good graphics but that all important (for some) 60 fps. Energy Saver Mode; this … Continue reading

New Grid Autosport Trailer for Switch

I might have jumped the gun a bit writing about the release date and price of Grid Autosport before the new trailer was released. Well here is the new trailer showing off some of the awesome cars you’ll get to drive 19th September for £29.99/$34.99.

Grid Autosport Finally has a Release Date on Switch: 19th September and a Price too

There’s really not long to wait now for Grid Autosport to hit Switch. The Switch is lacking in the racing department and particularly the in the simcade department (let’s face it no proper sim will come to Switch, we can only dream). There’s currently some pretty decent bike games but as for cars there’s only … Continue reading

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