Zelda like A Knight’s Quest Coming to Nintendo Switch

An ode to old school, A Knight’s Quest much like Link’s Awakening is brining classic adventuring gameplay back. Starring Rusty who sets off to save the world (yawn), after accidentally starting causing the events that will end the world (interesting). A nice twist on the traditional story sees our hapless adventure using elemental spirit powers … Continue reading

NS Review – Motorsport Manager (Switch)

Motorsport Manager Switch Edition is a wet dream for fans of motor racing and management games and the best thing since Grand Prix World on the PC back in ‘98. Motorsport Manager Switch Edition (MM from now on) is essentially a port of the mobile only Motorsport Manager 3 only with an extra track, a … Continue reading

Motorsport Manager coming to Switch 14th March

The infamous (among racing gamers that enjoy management games) Motorsport Manager is finally making its way to console courtesy of Curve Digital and of course developer Playsport Games. What better console for a management game that’s seen wide success on mobile. The Switch of course! There are three Motorsport Manager games on mobile and one … Continue reading

The 3DS & Wii U will be getting 2x as much Olli this March

Olli Olli Olli, Oi Oi Oi! That’s what we will all be singing next month, agreed? No? Okay then. Grinding straight from the press release railings… OlliOlli given March Release on Xbox One, 3DS and Wii U Stick that in your half-pipe and pop-shove it Today, we’re stoked to announce that our versions of Roll7’s … Continue reading

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