Dead Cells Who’s The Boss Version 1.4 Update Vlog Trailer and Patch Notes

This is update 14 for Dead Cells. Developers Motion Twin just keep giving with what is already an incredible game that anyone who’s a fan of 2D side scrolling action games or Metroidvanias should own. This new update which is currently coming extremely soon to Switch adds mini boss type characters to help you learn … Continue reading

Dead Cells Rise of the Giant Switch DLC Release date and details

The massive and amazingly free dlc for the Motion Twin’s epic rogue like action platformer Rise of the Giant is nearly here to bless our mortal souls. What has seemed like a long wait ends 23rd May at 9am local time wherever you are. If you aren’t already a fan of Dead Cells firstly, What’s … Continue reading

Hands On – Nintendo Switch at EGX Rezzed

The Nintendo Switch has quickly risen to become a powerhouse in recent times, and a lot of reasoning for this can be owed to the stellar library of games on the platform. Although the fantastic range of in-house games is a great part of this, I would argue that the intense focus on Nindies on … Continue reading

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