Dead or Alive Dimensions Spotpass DLC Costumes Repeat for Those who Missed Them

For those that missed the 34 extra outfits that were provided as free DLC’s for Dead or Alive Dimensions now have the opportunity to get them. Beginning 15 Aug 11 for 34 days and repeating again on Sep 19, all 34 costumes will be available over the period.  One each day from 10:00 to 09:00 … Continue reading

Streetpass and Spotpass Guide – Inc Guides to Dead or Alive Dimensions, Samurai Warriors Chronicles DLCs

StreetPass and SpotPass Guide This is your one stop guide to StreetPass and SpotPass on the Nintendo 3DS. Contents StreetPass FAQ SpotPass FAQ Where to StreetPass Guide Street and SpotPass Games List and Guide ___________________________________________________________ 1. StreetPass FAQ What is StreetPass? StreetPass is a feature available on Nintendo’s 3DS portable gaming system.  When two Nintendo … Continue reading

International Streetpass Day – London Event – 25 Jun 11

Saturday 25 Jun is International Streetpass day, and what better way to celebrate than to return to the place where the first UK Streetpass event was held? Brought to you again by Nintendo Scene, on the Upper Concourse, under the Olympic Rings at St Pancras station, London will celebrate International Streetpass day. So grab your … Continue reading

MCM – London – May 2011 – A Ninja’s report

By now you should have read Katy’s event report from MCM May 2011.  I attended all three days of MCM and I had far more Streetpass success that Katy.  Not including repeats hits, on Friday I had 39 Mii Streetpass hits, 42 on Saturday and 36 on Sunday.  Over the three days I got Streetpass … Continue reading

Unreleased 3DS/Wii/DS games playable at MCM!

The latest press release from the coordinators of this weekend’s MCM London Expo has revealed that some of Nintendo’s hottest games will be playable at the event. “Nothing beats the satisfaction of playing new releases before everyone else, especially trying games that aren’t even available in this country. That’s why all you avid gamers coming … Continue reading

Dead or Alive: Dimensions Streetpass Meet Update and Spotpass DLC Schedule – UPDATED

This coming Saturday (21 May 11) sees the UK’s Official Dead or Alive: Dimensions Post Launch Streetpass event in London. The event will take place in the park in front of the London Eye from 11:00 to 14:00.  A Dead or Alive: Dimensions tournament will run from 12:00. Today I received prizes from Tecmo Koei‘s … Continue reading

Dead or Alive: Dimensions 3DS Official Post Launch London Streetpass Meet – 21 May 11 – Updated

Dead or Alive: Dimensions for the Nintendo 3DS is due for release on Friday 20 May 11 in the UK. It will have two player fight options along with a Streetpass feature, which is a great excuse for a Streetpass meetup to celebrate the launch of the new game. Everyone is welcome, even if it’s … Continue reading

Dead or Alive: Dimensions 3DS Preview

Super Street Fighter IV (SSFIV) has been noticeably one of the few games released for the Nintendo 3DS so far that make full use of the 3DS’s Streetpass and network gaming functionality. Other games do have the features available, but aren’t as popular in sales, so SSFIV has been dominating Streetpass meets the world over. … Continue reading

Excited About The Nintendo Spring/Summer Game Schedule?

On April 12th, Nintendo released their European line-up of games that will be released over the Spring/Summer period this year. Many of you (including myself) were most excited to catch sight of one of the most anticipated 3DS games this year, Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which will be launched in the UK on 17th June. Now, … Continue reading

3DS software Release Dates Leaked

It appears that a distributor for Nintendo Spain has leaked the release dates for upcoming games on the 3DS. This list is not 100% confirmed by Nintendo themselves. RABBIDS 3D 01/04 -E46.99 PUZZLE BOBBLE UNIVERSE 22/04 – E40.99 JAMES NOIRS HOLLYWOOD CRIMES 06/05- E46.99 DRIVER RENEGADE 06/05- E46.99 RESIDENT EVIL: THE MERCENARIES 06/05 – E50.99 … Continue reading

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