NS Review – Disney’s Magical World 2 (3DS)

I must admit that I hesitated when it came to “claiming” this game to review in the hypothetical Nintendo Scene offices; not because I thought it would be bad or I wouldn’t enjoy it, but because I know that my almost shameful love of Disney would come to light. But here we are, after several … Continue reading

Out this week on the EU eShop (14th July)

Monster Hunter Generations

Oooooh is it a week to be a MonHun fan! Why? Because the new Monster Hunter is out of course. Monster Hunter X I mean Generations has finally reached the shores of Europe and the UK who  have decided they are too good for Europe.  Monster Hunter Generations looks great because the game play finally … Continue reading

Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion Will Have Over 20 Different Endings

DreamRift, the team behind the upcoming 3DS title Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion has revealed the game will feature over 20 different endings. Peter Ong, creative director at DreamRift, told Pocket Gamer all about how the player will get so many unique endings: “The character rescuing and quest system in the game involves a lot of … Continue reading

Epic Mickey 2 Trailer Shows Off Oswald’s New Powers

Warren Spector has finally revealed some of the unique powers and moves Mickey’s sidekick, Oswald the lucky rabbit, will have in the upcoming Wii U title Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two. Much like Mickey’s paintbrush, Oswald has been given his own remote control. With it he can manipulate electronic devices to help both … Continue reading

New Epic Mickey 2 Trailer Shows Off New Brush Techniques

Hotly anticipated Wii U launch game, Epic Mickey 2 has been shown off some more in a new trailer. Warren Spector is the familiar voice over and explains how players will use Mickey’s magic brush to bring new objects into the colourful world and also remove them using the paint thinner technique. Check out the … Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance coming to Europe on 20th July

Good news for Kingdom Hearts and Disney fans in general; ahead of tomorrow’s Nintendo Direct, Nintendo of Europe have today announced that it will be responsible for the sales, marketing and distribution of Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand territories. Square Enix Europe will remain as publisher. This is good news … Continue reading

New World For Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

The latest issue of Jump magazine has revealed that a new world will make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Fantasia. Fantasia is the third feature in Walt Disney’s animated classics series, and now Sora and friends will venture through its world. The Fantasia world is titled Symphony of Sorcery, which features Mickey … Continue reading

Kingdom Hearts 3D Screenshots!

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance is Square Enix’s upcoming instalment to the Kingdom Hearts series, launching on the 3DS console later this year. Like previous Kingdom Hearts games, Dream Drop Distance will include many characters and settings from the world of Disney. Director Testuya Nomura has hinted that new worlds within the game will … Continue reading

Blast From the Past: Ducktales

Another day, another installment of “Blast From the Past!” Today, we’re going back to a simpler time. A time where you could come home from school and sit on the couch and watch cartoons. You can still come home and watch cartoons but the idea of good cartoons has snagged. In the good old days, … Continue reading

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