Nintendo announces DLC coming to 3DS

Nintendo has announced that paid-for Downloadable Content (DLC) will be coming to the 3DS in future. What this means is that developers will be able to offer additional content for their games to buy on the Nintendo eShop. Up till now, Nintendo has shied away from DLC, probably because many see it as controversial. In … Continue reading

New 3DS e-Shop Downloads

This weeks new e-Shop downloads will see Double Dragon and Radar Mission available on the 3DS Virtual Console. Radar Mission was a launch title for America’s 3DS e-Shop launch, and now both of these games will be available to purchase tomorrow 23rd June. Double Dragon was originally released in 1990 for the Game Boy. You take … Continue reading

Donkey Kong For 3DS e-Shop

Every Thursday us lucky 3DS owners will receive new games to play in the brand new e-Shop. Today after our new update, gamers seen another classic Game Boy title for the Virtual Console in the bulky form of Donkey Kong.  Previously released in 1994 for the Game Boy, it is more or less based on … Continue reading

New 3DS Classics Titles in Development

It has been confirmed that Nintendo are currently developing six new games for the 3D Classics range on the Nintendo e-Shop. The 3D Classics consists of NES titles that have had an overhaul so the player can view the games in 3D. More games are in development, according to Nintendo’s Takao Nakano. Nakano is the … Continue reading

Megaman Legends 3 Beta for 3DS eShop Launch

Capcom have released a new trailer of Megaman 3 Legends.  The game is unique in that it is being co-developed by Capcom fans and comes in the form of a 3D, sandbox, action game with a focus on close combat.  A sneak peak of the game will be available to all 3DS owners when Nintendo … Continue reading

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