Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion Will Have Over 20 Different Endings

DreamRift, the team behind the upcoming 3DS title Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion has revealed the game will feature over 20 different endings. Peter Ong, creative director at DreamRift, told Pocket Gamer all about how the player will get so many unique endings: “The character rescuing and quest system in the game involves a lot of … Continue reading

A Bucketload Of New 3DS Game Trailers In Today’s Nintendo Direct

Today’s Nintendo Direct presentation mainly focused on the upcoming 3DS games and let the Wii U take a bit of a breather. Watch the video below and you will see a variety of soon to be released titles for your 3DS… Not to mention the rather snazzy music in the background.. Enough of that though, … Continue reading

Water, Water Everywhere in Epic Mickey: Power Of Illusion

A new trailer for Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion has been released, proudly showing off some wonderfully moist Little Mermaid themed levels. Let’s face it, people: a platformer is pretty much incomplete without some water levels and Dreamrift seem to have done a rather good job of injecting some wetness into this upcoming 3DS title. The … Continue reading

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion Will Be Available On The eShop In The US

Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion will be made available on the 3DS eShop in the US at the same time the physical game hits the shelves on 18th November. This will be the first time a third party title will be making its way to the eShop and could well be the start of a growing trend. At … Continue reading

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