NS Review – The Legend of Zelda × Mario Kart 8 (Wii U)

A few years ago on an infamous indie website… “So what else is new? Well the developers still seem content to settle on the usual sixteen old and sixteen new racetrack routine. I’m still waiting for ‘Mario Kart the Complete Package’ or you know… that never mentioned ‘Retro Track Pack DLC’? Pretty please Nintendo?” (Boots, … Continue reading

The Many Faces of Nintendo Blogging – Interview Series – Nintendo Kingdom

The Many Faces of Nintendo is a new segment to the Nintendo Scene family that I have been working on for some time and now feel that it’s ready to bring to the masses. The idea of the series is to give the readers an inside look at the bloggers they have come to know … Continue reading

New 3DS Classics Titles in Development

It has been confirmed that Nintendo are currently developing six new games for the 3D Classics range on the Nintendo e-Shop. The 3D Classics consists of NES titles that have had an overhaul so the player can view the games in 3D. More games are in development, according to Nintendo’s Takao Nakano. Nakano is the … Continue reading

Excitebike 3D to be the first 3D Classic for 3DS

Nintendo’s 3D Classics is set to bring 3D remakes of classic games to 3DS via the 3DS firmware update due in May. The program, like the Wii’s Virtual Console, will bring classic games to gamers to play now, but the games in the 3D Classics range will be manipulated to take advantage of the 3DS’ … Continue reading

News from Nintendo’s Tokyo Earnings Brief

Today at Nintendo’s Tokyo Earnings Brief, details have been disclosed about Nintendo’s future line-up and schedule. Inside Games (Japan) are reporting today the information on the briefing. However, bear in mind, as andriasang.com notes, that there will be no confirmation until “Nintendo shares its presentation and Q&A transcript”, but provides us with a preview of … Continue reading

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