Details on our Mini Christmas Giveaway – Take Part

Although we here at Nintendo Scene will be spending time with our family or completing a few Skyward Sword side quests, we still have you our followers in mind. Over Christmas Day and Boxing Day we will be releasing dozens of free Club Nintendo PIN# codes for you to snap up and register. They will … Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE: Super Mario 3D Land New York Launch Wrap Up & StreetPass NYC Announces Future Event Line Up

We at StreetPass NYC did an entire months worth of planning before this event came out. The event page on Facebook was up long before real event details came out. I originally planned this for the Nintendo World Store, but Golin Harris (Nintendo’s main PR Agency) zigged left with a huge Military Island spectacle so … Continue reading

Your thoughts on the 3DS Ambassador Program

There is no ignoring that the 3DS didn’t get off to the best start after it’s launch and Nintendo responded with the recent price cut. But what about those of us who had already purchased the hand-held? Those loyal Nintendo fans surely didn’t deserve to be punished for their faith in the company? Nintendo didn’t … Continue reading

Use Our Nintendo Scene RSS Feed

We here at Nintendo Scene would very much like to make you aware, of our versatile site RSS feed. Our RSS feed will enable you to access our site’s content directly via any internet enabled device. The full content of all site posts will be available via the feed’s URL, and at the very same … Continue reading

Like Our Official Facebook Page

We here at Nintendo Scene would very much like invite you to come and “like” our official NinitendoScene Facebook Page. Liking our facebook page will enable you be notified of new posts on the site from within your facebook timeline. We also post exclusive news items that do not feature on our main site, including … Continue reading

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