Animal Crossing: New Leaf Achieves Near Perfection In Famitsu

Need any more convincing that Animal Crossing: New Leaf is going to be the best game in the entire whole world ever? (I’m really biased, ever so sorry). Then look no further than the almost perfect review it got in Famitsu. New Leaf scored 39/40, comprised of scores of 10/10 and one 9/10 from one … Continue reading

Fantastic Famitsu Score For Fire Emblem 3D

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has awarded the upcoming Fire Emblem: Awakening for the 3DS an amazing score of 36/40. Famitsu magazine is individual in its scoring technique as it uses the combined score of 4 different reviewers, who can award up to 10 points each. The four reviewers decided to give Fire Emblem: Awakening each … Continue reading

Guild 01 Crimson Shroud Gets Some Details

Famitsu has shed some light on one of Guild 01‘s four games, Crimson Shroud. Level 5‘s Guild 01 is split into four games, and Crimson Shroud is just one of those games. Crimson Shroud is a tactical RPG. The success of your moves is determined, at least in part, by dice rolls. The magazine doesn’t … Continue reading

More Pokémon Games To Come In 2012

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu have received a greetings card from the Pokémon Company, which states “more amazing Pokemon games” will arrive in 2012, than in 2011. We already know about one title, Pokémon X Nobunaga’s Ambition, so what else could be on the horizon for Pokémon this year? What would you like to see? Related Articles New … Continue reading

First Harvest Moon 3DS Trailer From Nintendo Direct

The first trailer of Harvest Moon: The Land of Origin was shown at yesterday’s Nintendo Direct conference.The new title was revealed in Famitsu magazine at the start of this month, and now you can watch the first trailer below. Harvest Moon title, which allows you to design your starting character’s look, home, and ranch from scratch, which … Continue reading

Dragon Quest X On Wii U?

During a shareholders meeting today, Square Enix CEO Yoichi Wada seemed to confirm that Square Enix will consider giving the game some support for Nintendo’s upcoming console, Wii U. When asked whether the game, currently scheduled for Wii, would be released on Wii U, Wada reportedly replied: “We are thinking that we must release the … Continue reading

New Kirby DS release date announced

This week’s issue of Coro Coro Comic magazine has revealed the release date for the new Kirby game as the 7th July in Japan. The Japanese name of the game is Atsumete! Kirby (集めて! カービィ), which translates to Collect! Kirby, the final name for the probable PAL and NTSC release has not yet been disclosed. … Continue reading

“Beyond the Labyrinth” Announced for 3DS

Japanese gaming news source Famitsu’s website has published some images from an upcoming game by developers Konami and Tri-Ace for the Nintendo 3DS. “Beyond the Labyrinth” (sadly not a tie-in with the cult 80s Jim Henson film) is so far described as a “dungeon RPG” and is being directed by Takayuki Suguro, whose games include … Continue reading

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