EA Responds to FIFA 13 Criticism

The FIFA 13 controversy is refusing to go away as many gamers are bemoaning EA’s decision to release a very familiar looking FIFA 13 on the Wii. And when I say familiar looking I mean it’s EXACTLY the same game as FIFA 12. Because the Wii is nearing the end of its life cycle EA … Continue reading

What’s On Your Christmas List?

Christmas is just around the corner, and it is always the perfect time for gamers with amazing upcoming releases and plenty of time to catch up on our favourite games. This year is one of those years again, with Nintendo having a strong line-up for the Christmas period, which will keep you very busy! So … Continue reading

Most people haven’t heard of my most anticipated 3DS title

The Nintendo 3DS had a stronger selection of software at launch than the original DS had, but there hasn’t been much to get excited about since then. Of course, there are plenty of games people are looking forward to that weren’t rushed for launch, and we’ll be getting many of them this year. The rest … Continue reading

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