Nintendo NX and Zelda U pushed back to 2017 release, Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing coming to Mobile

In a somewhat sad turn of events, it was announced earlier that both the NX and Zelda U are being pushed back to a 2017 release date; March specifically. This comes after the original Zelda U announcement being made in 2013, and an announcement of its release for 2016. Along with the news, Nintendo have … Continue reading

Fire Emblem Limited Edition 3DS, Game Feature Trailer and Face Rubbing

Another big title from Nintendo on 3DS means another limited edition 3DS XL, this time for Fire Emblem Fates. The game is due 19th Feb in America but currently has no release date for Europe. I’m sure it won’t be far behind though.

E3 Week – Our Expectations and Wishes: Part One

It has probably escaped no one’s notice but E3 (the Electronic Entertainment Expo) is coming and we already know what Nintendo’s plans are; they are, in fact, replicating the incredible set-up they had last year with the Digital Presentation and Treehouse Live from E3. So if this is anything like last year, we are really … Continue reading

NS Review: Code Name S.T.E.A.M. (3DS)

Often I hear particular comments revolving around Nintendo and their games, especially ones that Nintendo never has any new IPs and re-use the old characters all the time. Although I can’t deny that Mario and co. see a great deal more action than some other characters (come on Nintendo, give a little love to Samus), … Continue reading

Wii U Games We’d Like To See: Fire Emblem

Of all Nintendo’s franchises the fantastical strategy series, Fire Emblem, is definitely one of the lesser known. It doesn’t have the same recognisability as the likes of Mario or Zelda but its history and heritage is just as deep. It all started back in 1990 when Fire Emblem: Ankoku Ryū to Hikari no Tsurugi was … Continue reading

The Many Faces of Nintendo Blogging – Interview Series – Nintendo Kingdom

The Many Faces of Nintendo is a new segment to the Nintendo Scene family that I have been working on for some time and now feel that it’s ready to bring to the masses. The idea of the series is to give the readers an inside look at the bloggers they have come to know … Continue reading

Fire Emblem 3DS Coming To Europe 2012

Nintendo have revealed that Fire Emblem for the 3DS will be heading to Europe in 2012. This strategy RPG is heading to 3DS before the 2012 is out. During Satoru Iwata‘s Nintendo Direct broadcast earlier today, the Nintendo President had announced some Fire Emblem 3DS DLC. Fire Emblem 3DS will be released in Japan on April 19th.

Nintendo Scene: September, A Month in Review

This month was full of various massive events and, as usual, the Nintendo Scene crew threw themselves at the opportunity to provide you, the readers, with all the information. In-fact, the month was so driven by massive events that I don’t really know where to start with this post… I’ll start with the earth shattering … Continue reading

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