ZombiU Puts the U in Survival Horror

One of the better titles that was shown off during Nintendo’s E3 presentation was the Survival Horror First-Person Shooter( as Nintendo puts it) ZombiU. This game shows off what makes the Wii-U unique and could help the system “survive” early on. Long story short, London is overrun with zombies and you have to survive the … Continue reading

Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D – Review

Title: Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D Genre: Third-person shooter System: Nintendo 3DS Developer: Capcom & Tose Co. Ltd Publisher: Capcom The Mercenaries is a mini-game that has appeared in main-series Resident Evil games since Resident Evil 3. Now it has its own game, on the Nintendo 3DS. Those who have played Mercenaries in either Resi4 … Continue reading

Crytek ‘discussing’ Timesplitters 4

Crytek has admitted to discussing a possible follow-up in the TimeSplitters franchise. “Yeah, we have been discussing it, but nothing has been confirmed yet, so let’s see after Crysis 2,” CEO Cevat Yerli told CVG. You may remeber that is was Free Radical that produced the moved loved TimeSplitters 2 game. Well they were bought out by … Continue reading

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