Biolab Wars Switch Review: Brand New 80s Style Arcade Action

Do you long for a simpler time when dudes were bad, burgers were made of pink goo and you had to go to the local arcade for someone to inform you they’ve performed coitus with your mother? Well Biolab Wars is here to save the day! It’s an 80s style arcade run ‘n’ gun. There’s … Continue reading

Retro Zelda lite: Tiara the Deceiving Crown is Coming to Switch, Check out the Trailer

If you long for the days when Link was pixelated rather than the graphics of Link’s Awakening on Switch then look no further than Tiara the Deceiving Crown. Check out the trailer and details below. Tiara the Deceiving Crown, inspired by the classic titles, such as very first Legend of Zelda, will take you on … Continue reading

Mr Blaster Review – Switch

How many worms can you buy for £1.79? Two, only they aren’t worms they’re giant spacemen standing on semi circular planets that are bouncing up and down in space. Welcome to weird wonderful wacky world of Mr Blaster. In this physics based 2D side facing shooter you play as a giant spaceman whose sole purpose … Continue reading

Old School Fire Emblem Adventure Awaits in Rise Eterna coming to Nintendo Switch

If you need a Fire Emblem dessert after the greatness that was Three Houses, look no further than Rise Eterna which is shaping up to be an amazing homage to classic tactical RPGs but with some nice crafting, customisation and upgrades. Check out the trailer and some more info below. Follow the story of Lua … Continue reading

Check Out Amazing Reactions to Panzer Dragoon Remake and the other 2 Trailers

I was as thrilled as the next fan to see that Panzer Dragoon is coming to Switch thanks to our friends over at Forever Entertainment, never having a Saturn nor a friend with one but these reactions are priceless. Also as a reminder check out the two trailers for it, one showing off cinematics and … Continue reading

NS Review – Grave Keeper (Switch)

You’re a lone wolf crusader type breaking into the Skeleton King’s castle to steal his copious amounts of treasure. To get this treasure you have to fight your way through wave after wave of minions in a chilled out slow pace twin stick shooter style. Welcome to Grave Keeper. You get thrown straight in and … Continue reading

NS Review – Tap Skaters (Switch)

Tap Skaters is cheap and cheerful arcade style fun from Digital Melody who have developed other similar games available on Nintendo Switch such as Timberman VS. It’s an endless runner style game where the objective is to avoid obstacles as you scroll further and further down the screen. Tap Skaters on Nintendo Switch is essentially … Continue reading

NS Review – Terrorhythm (TRRT) Switch

Terrorhythm or TRRT is a cyperpunk hardcore rhythm action game in which you save a totalitarian future that has been plunged into silence by beating down hordes of guardians of the total silence in time to techno beats. The premise sounds vaguely interesting right? How did we get plunged into a silent future, who and … Continue reading

NS Review – Gunpowder on The Teeth: Arcade (Switch)

Imagine if the Pocket Gameboy was 16bit and there was a game mixing Super Meat Boy and Metal Slug. Well imagine no more because Gunpowder on The Teeth: Arcade (GOTTA) is here to help you die a thousand deaths as you run, gun and fall to your doom over and over. Tough as nails doesn’t … Continue reading

NS Review – Q-YO Blaster (Switch)

Q-YO Blaster essentially is a mini Cuphead X Parodius. It’s a 2D side scrolling shmup with crazy enemies clearly inspired by 1920s cartoons. Strange alien bugs have invaded Earth and only an equally bizarre ragtag team led by a genius guinea pig can save the day. Pick one of 15 madcap heroes and go save … Continue reading

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