Asphalt 9: Legends – NS Review

We all know the stigma surrounding free to play games: apart from a few exceptions, no one wants to deal with the unending barrage of ads, in-game purchases and whatnot. Now imagine if such a game is also a port of a mobile game. Tragedy and sacrilege!I won’t lie to you: I am part of … Continue reading

Download Freeium Arcade Racer Asphalt 9 Now – Release Date October

Gameloft’s incredibly successful and fun free to play arcade racer Asphalt 9 is roaring it’s way to Nintendo Switch on 9th October but you can download it ready to play now. Barrel role nearly 60 real life super and hyper cars (some will envietably be locked behind pay walls, despite claims that all content can … Continue reading

NintenRants II – Nintendo’s Free-To-Play Output

For the next NintenRant, I wanted to focus on something that bothers me in general about the gaming industry, but agitates me even more with Nintendo’s handling of it; Free-To-Play or “Freemium” titles. Now, the idea of free games to play isn’t the problem (after all, who can turn down such an offer?), but the … Continue reading

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