NS Review: Pokémon Shuffle (3DS)

It had to happen eventually. Nintendo have finally stepped into the F2P (Free-to-play) arena, and what possible way could be better to do so than to use an existing, popular IP? On that note, welcome to Pokémon Shuffle, a ‘Mon themed match three puzzle game. As far as I know by my couple of hours … Continue reading

Opinion: All DLC For Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Be Free

I let out a little “yahoo” of relief when it was announced that there will be zero charge for all downloadable content in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Boy, was I happy. I’m not only elated that I’ll be able to download excellent add-ons to my little village but more so because of the excellent fan … Continue reading

Limited Edition Professor Layton Luggage Tags Up For Grabs

Layton fans, as soon as you receive your copy of Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask on October 26th, do make sure you rush over to the Nintendo website to register your purchase. The first 5,000 people to register their game from 9am CET/8am BST will receive a limited edition leather Layton luggage tag (my, … Continue reading

The Cloud to Provide Free Wi-Fi to 3DS Owners

Nintendo have announced that they have agreed a new deal with Wi-Fi provider, The Cloud. This agreement will provide free access to the network’s 5000 Wi-Fi hotspots for 3DS owners and allow them to use the devices online capabalities such as the web browser. Connection should automatically happen without any need for an update. The … Continue reading

Free Pokedex 3D App Available From e-Shop Launch

Pokémon 3DS App Screenshot Upon the 3DS e-shop launch next week, we will be presented with the opportunity to download a 3D Pokedex! The app will be one of the first available and best of all, will be absolutely free! Not only will you be-able to view all the brand spanking new Pokemon from the … Continue reading

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