New Pokémon Dream Radar Screenshots and Artwork Revealed

  Pokémon Dream Radar, the AR game being released to compliment the release of Pokémon Black and White 2, has had new screenshots and artwork released showing how to go about capturing legendary Pokémon. Just as it was in the pre-installed 3DS game Face Raiders, Pokémon Dream Radar is set in your very own surroundings … Continue reading

Making The Most of Pokedex 3D

Jake’s AR Snap When the Nintendo 3DS eShop launched the majority of us downloaded the free Pokedex 3D app without much knowledge of what it was all about. Our Nintendo Scene writer Joe Hamm informed us of the news that the Pokedex 3D app was hitting the store in time for launch, describing the features … Continue reading

Free Pokedex 3D App Available From e-Shop Launch

Pokémon 3DS App Screenshot Upon the 3DS e-shop launch next week, we will be presented with the opportunity to download a 3D Pokedex! The app will be one of the first available and best of all, will be absolutely free! Not only will you be-able to view all the brand spanking new Pokemon from the … Continue reading

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