Will You Survive the Horrors of Shadow 2: Perfidia?

Shadow 2: Perfidia is a Survival Horror game from Ultimate Games already out on PC that’s been collecting quite the positive feedback among players.The game is set in an obscure and gloomy office, plagued by paranormal, unexplainable activities. The goal of the developers is to deliver a sense of uneasiness, overwhelming the player with fear … Continue reading

Step into the Depths of Hell and Fight Demons in Devil’s Hunt!

“Step into the designer shoes of Desmond, your not-so-friendly neighbourhood anti-hero and general Miami nuisance. Turns out, he’s forged a deal with the devil and is firmly planted in the middle of a cosmic struggle between angels and demons. With the fate of humankind hanging in the balance, Desmond must come to grips with his … Continue reading

Root Letter: Last Answer announced for Nintendo Switch!

Pqube and Kadokawa games announced the update to their best seller 2016 interactive visual novel Root Letter will be released for Switch in Europe on August 30th and North America September 3rd. The game follows the plot of a man finding childhood friend’s Aya Fumino correspondence, where she confesses of a murder committed 15 years … Continue reading

NS Review – Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive (Switch)

Have you ever wanted to fight your way through a series of generic Japanese tropes, while playing as slightly over-designed anime girls in a retro-style rendition of Japan? Well, do I have a treat for you. There’s a little game on the Switch eShop that fulfils that little dream called Phantom Breaker Battlegrounds Overdrive. The … Continue reading

Welcome to the New Nintendo Scene

Nintendo Scene is back! That’s right, after taking some time out to play games, the New Nintendo Scene has arrived. With a fresh team of passionate, dedicated Nintendo gamers at the helm, Nintendo Scene is here to guide you through what promises to be another great year for Nintendo – and into the future of … Continue reading

If Rare Were Still with Nintendo Today..

In an amazingly frank interview with a Rare fan site called RareFanDaBase, Chris Seavor opens up on what happened with Rare since it’s takeover by Microsoft from Nintendo. Chris Seavor was an integral part of Rareware, starting his carrier there as a Graphics Engineer back in the 90s and worked on games such as Killer Instinct and … Continue reading

ZombieU – In The Eye Of ZombieU

  Get ready for some gore, as Ubisoft have released the first video in a four part ‘Making Of’ of ZombieU, the upcoming title for Nintendo Wii U. Check out Episode 1 – When Survival Horror Meets The Wii U, where Guillaume Brunier, Senior Producer of ZombieU, explains that they wanted to give the player … Continue reading

Metroid: Other M Developers Keen to Work with Nintendo Again

  Team Ninja, the developers behind Metroid: Other M, have declared their interest in working with Nintendo again on another project. VG24/7 quizzed Yosuke Hayashi, a prominent director at Team Ninja, about a sequel to Metroid: Other M to which he replied: “Unfortunately Metroid is kind of out of our league as it’s Nintendo’s game, … Continue reading

New Footage For New Super Mario Bros. 2 on Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo of Japan have kindly provided four minutes of the upcoming Nintendo 3DS game New Super Mario Bros 2.  The video shows Mario running, jumping, sliding, and flying through a number of familiar-looking stages. Oh, it also shows off coins, coins, and some more…coins! New Super Mario Bros 2 comes out in Europe on August 17th, and … Continue reading

Project Sora Have Closed Their Doors

Kid Icarus: Uprising developer Project Sora has folded. According to the company’s webpage, the studio was closed as of June 30, and the website will soon follow on July 31. Project Sora was formed in 2009 by Masahiro Sakurai. The studio developed Kid Icarus: Uprising as its first, and only, game. Sakurai is serving as director … Continue reading

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