NS Review – Kirby’s Blowout Blast (3DS)

I can’t say that I’m the biggest fan of Kirby and the various games they star in; I mean, I played a lot of Kirby and the Amazing Mirror, but I couldn’t shake the overwhelming impression of the games being a little too easy for me. I understand that these games are aimed at far … Continue reading

NS Review – Kirby and the Rainbow Paintbrush (Wii U)

When I think of rainbow symbolism across the gaming globe I can’t help but relate back to Critter Crunch’s Biggs (a fluffy whatchamacallit spawned by Capybara Games) regurgitating for his famished offspring. He quite literally chunders up seven colours. Will Kirby’s most recent Wii U hootenanny replace this imagery? Only time will tell.   If … Continue reading

Release Date For Kirby’s Adventure Wii

It has been revealed that Kirby’s Adventure Wii will be hitting shelves on November 25th (Really? Another game in November?!). It is arriving a month earlier than planned. Kirby’s main mission in this new adventure is to guide the alien Magolor whose spaceship has crash landed on planet Pop Star. Upon crashing, various parts of … Continue reading

Virtual Console Review: Kirby’s Dreamland

Title: Kirby’s Dreamland Genre: Platformer System: Game Boy (Download on 3DS eShop) Developer: HAL Laboratory Publisher: Nintendo I never really played much of the Kirby games to be honest, except for Kirby’s Epic Yarn which released in February this year. That game was pretty unique and very clever, and made me consider searching for the … Continue reading

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