Meet The SupaBoy!

Reminiscing about the good old gaming days? Look no further! Hyperkin, a US-based gaming manufacturer, is currently creating a handheld version of Nintendo’s beloved Super Nintendo Entertainment System, in short, the SNES. The SupaBoy, as it is called, is apparently going to be launched in the US this Summer. It will be fully functional with SNES … Continue reading

President And CEO Of Sony ‘3DS Is A Babysitting Tool’

Jack Tretton, President and CEO of Sony, has made a harsh comment towards Nintendo recent gaming efforts, and commented that the new ‘3D-without-glasses’ handheld is a babysitting tool, and doesn’t regard the DS as competition. Heres one of the comments that Tretton made: Our view of the ‘Game Boy experience’ is that it’s a great … Continue reading

3DS Gamers Being Made Ill?

According to a recent tabloid in The Sun newspaper this morning, furious gamers of Nintendo’s 3DS are suffering from headaches and dizziness. It’s being reported that “thousands” who have used the 3DS are left sick, and that some of the stores where they purchased the handheld, have offered refunds, and in some other cases, nothing at … Continue reading

Over 1,200 stores across the UK to open at midnight for launch of Nintendo 3DS

Last night Nintendo UK announced that at least 1200 UK stores will be open at midnight to release Nintendo’s new hand-held console the 3DS at 00:01am on the 25th of March. There will now also be 13 VIP launch events. It’s at these events where the first few fans will be able to get add-on games for free or … Continue reading

Where to Buy 3DS in the UK – John Lewis

Now that more and more people are interested in Nintendo‘s new handheld console the 3DS. The forums and websites are awash with advice on where best to purchase a 3DS, especially for the best price. Unfortunately most sites have focussed on the usual game stores such as HMV, Gamestation and Game, as well as Supermarkets like … Continue reading

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