NS Review – Shantae: Half Genie Hero


It’s been a strong couple of years for Shantae since the release of Pirate’s Curse in 2014: she was one of the front runners in the Super Smash Bros 4 ballot; indie-party game Runbow introduced her as a DLC character in October 2016; Pirate’s Curse and Risky’s Revenge received a limited physical release; as of this year they’re both available on almost all … Continue reading

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Nintendo Scene’s Indie Game of the Year 2016


Among the sporadic triple-A releases throughout the year, there have been some real gems in the Indie market on the Wii U. The award was a tight two-horse race, and both are highly recommended. It released at the end of December, but Shantae: Half-Genie Hero arrived just in time to achieve my Indie game of … Continue reading

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NS Review – SteamWorld Heist (3DS)

NS Review - SteamWorld Heist (3DS) FEATURE

I stand up. “Hi there everyone, the name’s Boots.” “Hi Boots,” the room collectively murmurs. “I have a confession to make,” I pause. “Go on,” prompts the SteamWorld Heist Anonymous organiser. “This year I haven’t found much reason to touch my Nintendo 3DS, well, until now that is… and I presume you know why I … Continue reading

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Nintendo Scene’s (N)indie Games of the Year 2015


Us here at Nintendo Scene have already revealed our Wii U and 3DS console specific GotY picks for 2015. However pushing those limitations aside a category opens up for the games which have no need for psychical release. They instead clog up our harddrive space whilst offering splendiferous experimentation. So here we have it, our … Continue reading

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NS Review – FAST Racing Neo (Wii U)


Fast Racing NEO is Shin’en’s second futuristic racing game, following on from their 2011 WiiWare game Fast Racing League. It’s almost impossible to discuss Fast Racing Neo without comparing it to the beloved F-Zero series, but Neo is a competent racer that covers F-Zero’s absence quite well. Made by a small development team, the game … Continue reading

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NS Review – Typoman (Wii U)


I tend to enjoy puzzle-platformers with a dark atmosphere. There’s something enticing about having a cute and innocent character traverse a dangerous world with terrifying monsters, solving puzzles while a melancholy soundtrack plays soothingly in the distance. It’s a formula that’s proved successful for many games. Typoman suits the specifications for such a game to … Continue reading

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NS Review – Extreme Exorcism (Wii U)

NS Review - Extreme Exorcism Wii U 00

(*prepare your gruffest bellow seasoned with your very own brand of ghoulish reverb*)   “EX-TREEEME EXOR-CISM!”   Every review of a game featuring a haunted house deserves that kind of intro, and yes there’s plenty of house to get you and your guests haunted in within Golden Ruby Games‘ latest indie entry. It’s a straight-to-the-hunt faux … Continue reading

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NS Review – Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians (Wii U)

NS Review - Beatbuddy Tale of the Guardians 01

BOOM-TISH-KAH-TISH-BOOM-TISH-KAH-TISH-ERROR-EWAH-WIKI-WIKI-WAH-WAH!!! ^now try reading those fourteen words again but far far quicker. Got it? Ace. If you don’t then read the rest of this review at least you’ve made an achievement today. An achievement of being able to banter with the same beatbox identity similar to the cast of Beatbuddy: Tale of the Guardians! Here’s … Continue reading

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NS Review – Blocky Bot (Wii U eShop)

Blocky Bot Review

If Minecraft and Nihilumbra had strange, little indie babies, I’d imagine Blocky Bot would be the outcome. This game is pretty simple. You’re a small character who has to jump to platforms, avoiding enemies, and escaping some kind of void chasing you. (Optional; collecting money as you do all of this for unlockables) Press A … Continue reading

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NS Review – Runbow (Wii U)

Runbow Title

There is already a plethora of fantastic multiplayer experiences available on the Wii U, including highly successful popular picks such as Mario Kart 8 and Super Smash Bros Wii U. The latter broke considerable ground by supporting up to eight players on one console in a single game, adding a new layer to the chaotic … Continue reading

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