Opinion: All DLC For Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Be Free

I let out a little “yahoo” of relief when it was announced that there will be zero charge for all downloadable content in Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Boy, was I happy. I’m not only elated that I’ll be able to download excellent add-ons to my little village but more so because of the excellent fan … Continue reading

Watch The Translated Version Of ‘Mini’ Nintendo Direct

Nintendo of Japan held a ‘mini’ Nintendo Direct last week, with Satoru Iwata‘s floating head introducing the very first batch of DLC packs for New Super Mario Bros. 2. You can check out the translated version of that same Nintendo Direct clip below. It has been confirmed that the UK can download these packs today. It … Continue reading

Japanese Nintendo Direct Confirmed For 13th September

Nintendo has announced via their official Twitter feed that their will be Japanese Nintendo Direct broadcast tomorrow, Thursday 13th September. This Wii U Launch presentation takes place at 4pm Japanese time, which is 8am in the UK, and approx. 1am in the US. As it is a Japanese Nintendo Direct, the presentation will focus on launch details … Continue reading

Nintendo To Release Pink 3DS XL In Japan

Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced that Japanese gamers will soon be able to get their hands on a brand new Pink 3DS LL. This was revealed at todays Nintendo Direct. The Pink 3DS LL will be released on the 27th September, the same day as Girl’s Mode for 3DS. Would you like to see the … Continue reading

Satoru Iwata: Rivals Are Already Copying The Wii U

Fighting talk from a man under extreme pressure to turn around Nintendo’s fortunes after a tough 12 months. With the Wii U’s release being Nintendo’s most important for 6 Years, Nintendo will need the creative advantage over it’s competitors. Iwata has come out to talk of  both Microsoft and Sony having dual-screen concepts of their own, … Continue reading

New Super Mario Bros. 2 Revealed For 3DS

Nintendo announced a new Mario game today during it’s Nintendo Direct conference, titled New Super Mario Bros. 2, and will be released on the 3DS this coming August in Japan. We had already knew that Nintendo had been planning on bringing out a 2D Mario for the 3DS. Iwata didn’t go into too much detail … Continue reading

Written Apology Letter From Iwata

Recently Nintendo dropped a bomb by announcing that there would be a price drop on the 4 month old Nintendo 3DS system. Here we have an apology from Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in regards to Nintendo’s recent decisions on the price cut and the 3DS Ambassador Program. To Those Customers Who Bought A Nintendo 3DS … Continue reading

Nintendo: Problems With 3DS Classic Remakes

It has become clear that Nintendo are having problems with their 3DS Classic remakes. In the latest Iwata Asks, Iwata sits down with Nintendo Developer Takao Nakano, where they discuss remaking the Classic titles in 3D. Nakano points out certain unexpected difficulties that they ran into. “We based the 3D version [of Namco Bandai shooter … Continue reading

StreetPass Quest 2 In The Works?

Most of you by now have probably cleared StreetPass Quest. Its been almost 4 months (what, really?!) since the release of the 3DS, where you’ve been gathering up peoples Miis with the StreetPass feature, and sending them out to battle ghosts and collect some hats for your own Mii. But now that you’ve cleared StreetPass … Continue reading

Investor Reaction to Nintendo’s Wii U

Since the announcement of the upcoming Wii U console at this year’s E3 conference, Nintendo’s stock has dropped almost 10%. Yet Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata seems puzzled as to why investors have dropped their support for the company. If you like me sat watching the whole conference with your jaw dropped in amazement unable to take … Continue reading

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