Gun Gun Pixies is shooting it’s way onto Nintendo Switch on September 6th

Formally Japan exclusive third person shooter Gun Gun Pixies is making it’s way westward on Nintendo Switch on September 6th. Originally released back in 2017 on Playstation Vita, Gun Gun Pixies is a third person shooter where you play as two tiny alien girls who have come to earth to infiltrate a girls dormitory to study human behaviour.

Detective Pikachu for Nintendo 3DS gets debut trailer

Ever wondered what it would be like if Pikachu could talk? Wonder no more, because the debut trailer for Meitantei Pikachu: Shin Konbi Tanjyou (roughly translating to Detective Pikachu: Birth of a New Duo) shows exactly that. Pokémon’s most iconic character ditches the Pokéball for a deerstalker, magnifying glass and cups of coffee in a brand new adventure … Continue reading

Four Pokémon 20th Anniversary 2DS Bundles Launching In Japan Next Year

In 2016, the Pokémon franchise is set to celebrate its 20th birthday. To mark the milestone, Nintendo are set to release four Nintendo 2DS Pokémon bundles, each themed after the original Pokémon games on the Game Boy. It also marks the debut of the 2DS in Japan, and all 4 bundles will arrive in the East on … Continue reading

Japan Getting Super Mario Bros. 30th Anniversary Bundle Next Month

Japanese gamers will get to celebrate Super Mario’s 30th Anniversary in style next month with a stunning New 3DS bundle. The bundle includes the New 3DS with a retro style Super Mario 30th anniversary cover plate featuring the iconic plumber, his green clad sibling and other famous faces from the Nintendo family. It’ll cost 17,000 … Continue reading

Nintendo Direct: Iwata Delves Into The Miiverse, Unboxes A Wii U And Has An Awkward Video Chat With Reggie

The Wii U is set to be released in North America in less than two weeks and surprisingly we’ve heard very little about one of the biggest features of the console, the Miiverse. Fortunately Nintendo have decided it’s a important aspect to their new console and this morning dedicated an entire Nintendo Direct presentation to it! Naturally President Satoru … Continue reading

Dragon Quest VII Set For 3DS Remake

According to JUMP magazine, Square Enix have announced that they’re remaking Dragon Quest VII exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS. The snippet of a scanned-in magazine page clearly shows the game as well as a Japanese release date of February 2013. Originally on the Sony Playstation, Dragon Quest VII (known as Dragon Warrior VII in North … Continue reading

Project X Zone Struggling In Japan

Project X Zone, the 3DS tactical RPG, is having a torrid time in Japan only managing to shift 12,450 copies in the week of Monday 15th October. That result means the game, which released on 11th October, has sold just a little shy of 100,000 in total which will be disappointing for publisher Namco Bandai who will have … Continue reading

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 Will Be Cheaper To Download From The Nintendo eShop In Japan

Namco Bandai have confirmed they will be releasing a download version of Tekken Tag Tournament 2 alongside the physical retail version in Japan. The digital version of the game will actually be cheaper than buying a physical copy of the game by 700 Yen! The phsical copy will cost 6,980 Yen while the digital download from the Nintendo … Continue reading

Nintendo To Bring Music Store To 3DS In Japan

During yesterday’s Japanese Nintendo Direct, Satoru Iwata revealed a new music service that will be coming to the 3DS in partnership with the popular digital music store, Recochoku. Recochoku already has over a million songs in its music catalogue and these will all be made available to 3DS owners when the service launches in Japan in … Continue reading

Charizard Has Japan In a Fire Spin With New Limited Edition 3DS LL

A new limited edition Pokémon 3DS XL will be coming to Japan and this time they’re being treated to everyone’s favourite overgrown fire-lizard, Charizard! Remember when the Pikachu 3DS LL was released and Japanese Pokéfans had the super easy task of queuing up for hours on end just for the chance to buy it? Well gone are those … Continue reading

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