Nintendo E3 2012 Press Conference Live [05.06.12 – 09:00 PDT / 17:00 GMT]

We will be covering Nintendo’s E3 2012 Press Conference live for around 1 hour. Be sure to follow our Twitter feed and like our facebook page as well as bookmarking this URL so you will be able to follow developments live with us. If you are unable to follow our reports live you can review … Continue reading

Nintendo All-Access Site Gearing Up For E3

E3 is almost here and Nintendo is getting things ready to show the public at this years show. Until the public is allowed to attend E3, and who knows when that will be if ever, various web sites and TV stations have you covered. If you only care about Nintendo, and why would you be … Continue reading

New Metroid Game Coming to Wii U

Nintendo’s developer and producer of the Wii version of Animal Crossing, Katsuya Eguchi, has said in an interview with Kotaku that he is sure a Metroid game will be released for Wii U. Eguchi is currently working on upcoming Wii U projects and has revealed details about how the unannounced Metroid title could work on … Continue reading

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