StreetPass Manchester Gets Off To A Great Start – Report

StreetPass Manchester held their first major StreetPass event over the weekend and it was a massive success! StreetPassing, pink puzzle pieces, tournaments and prizes were all present and correct and of course, seeing as it was held in Manchester, rain also made an unwanted appearance! The rain didn’t dampen everyone’s spirits however as we all … Continue reading

3DS XL – Trading in, transferring data and big screen 3D gaming

Taking advantage of Game’s trade in deal, I decided to go for the upgrade yesterday and exchange my regular blue 3DS which I got on launch day for a brand new shiny silver 3DS XL. Since the announcement of the new big screen version of Nintendo’s latest hand held console I’d been considering whether to … Continue reading

Kid Icarus Battle Squad – Brighton Report

Today saw the Kid Icarus Battle squad visit Brighton HMV for some further rounds of one on one tournaments, AR card battles and giveaways. Whilst reportedly a little quieter than previous visits to London, Reading and Birmingham, the Brighton leg of the tour attracted a number of Nintendo fans, young and old, all keen to … Continue reading

Kid Icarus Battle Squad – London Report

Today saw the first of a short UK tour for the Kid Icarus Battle Squad. Starting at the HMV on Oxford Street, London, the four staffed Battle Squad took on all comers who hoped to win a host of prizes. If you played in a game against any of the squad members, you won a … Continue reading

Nintendo Unleashed continues its 2012 Tour at Kitacon (plus details on Pandora’s Tower giveaway)

Nintendo Unleashed hits up Kitacon next week with a host of new Nintendo games to preview. Kitacon starts next Friday (13 April) and runs until next Sunday (15 April) at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole.  The weekend event costs £48 (not including accommodation) and is currently sold out. The event covers “a full range of activities … Continue reading

Kid Icarus: Uprising Weapon infographic

So, how’s everyone enjoying Kid Icarus: Uprising then? For me, it’s all about the flying sections. The speed, graphics and tense action is fantastic but they’re over all too quickly I feel. Fusing weapons is also very addictive; collecting the daily weapon gems from Spot Pass means there’s always something new to try and the … Continue reading

US Nintendo Direct Report

Anyone have a craving for Nintendo News? I know I do. So without further delay, lets dive right into it, there’s a lot to talk about. Dillon’s Rolling Western is a game that was announced a while back but not too much was known about it. It did gain a fan base that wanted to … Continue reading

Multiplayer Modes Clarified in Kid Icarus: Uprising

It’s getting very close to launch of the smash-hit-to-be Kid Icarus: Uprising, which will glide onto 3DS’ consoles across Europe on March 23rd. It has been over 25 years since Pit last defeated Medusa on the NES, and so rightly deserves an update in 3D. This afternoon, Nintendo have released a press statement, defining the … Continue reading

Check Out This Kid Icarus: Uprising Intensity Trailer

A new Kid Icarus: Uprising trailer has been uploaded onto Nintendo of America‘s Youtube page. The latest trailer shows that the players can adjust the intensity levels to enhance their gameplay experience. As the slogan says at the end of the trailer, ”The greater the intensity, the greater the reward!’. Let us know what you … Continue reading

Kid Icarus News in the States

Today, Nintendo revealed new details about one of the games that is coming out this year and one of the more anticipated games of the year. The game I’m referring to is Kid Icarus: Uprising. The game is the newest revival of the young hero Pit who has seen limited duty in the gaming world … Continue reading

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