Virtual Console Review: Kirby’s Dreamland

Title: Kirby’s Dreamland Genre: Platformer System: Game Boy (Download on 3DS eShop) Developer: HAL Laboratory Publisher: Nintendo I never really played much of the Kirby games to be honest, except for Kirby’s Epic Yarn which released in February this year. That game was pretty unique and very clever, and made me consider searching for the … Continue reading

Kirby Dream Land For 3DS e-Shop This Week

Kirby Dream Land will be available to download from the 3DS e-Shop on Thursday 30 June this week. Originally released for Game Boy in 1992, Kirby Dream Land was Kirby’s big debut, a must buy for those of you that never played our cute little blob’s first title. In Kirby Dream Land, King Dedede has stolen … Continue reading

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