Travel Japan Report – Pilgrimage to Nintendo’s Worldwide Headquarters (HQ), Kyoto, Japan

Previous articles in this series Travel Japan Report – Arrival at Narita Airport, Exploration of Ueno and Akihabara, Tokyo ( You are here now on the second of a series of travel reports by myself covering my first trip to Japan in September of 2011. If you are new to this series then it would really … Continue reading

Travel Japan Report – Arrival at Narita Airport, Exploration of Ueno and Akihabara, Tokyo

This is a lighthearted report of my wonderful experiences during this my first trip to Japan. I hope to use this series of reports to provide you with a real insight of a first time visitors perspective to some of Tokyo’s districts and Kyoto including various tourist attractions. I am going to try and list as much detail and information, … Continue reading

Nintendo Building New Offices Near HQ in Kyoto, Japan

Presently Nintendo’s research and development teams are cramped at their undersized R&D offices in Kyoto‘s Higashiyama Ward, resulting in teams being scattered all over Kyoto in various available office space. So it’s no surprise and with Nintendo‘s success, along with their continued drive for innovation in their industry, that a proper home be built enabling such creativity to flourish. … Continue reading

Nintendo Still Standing Among Japan’s Earthquake Crisis

As news hit around the world of the catastrophe and as a result the vast numbers being reported in dead. Many gamers would have drawn a line to the state of Nintendo amid such destruction. Nintendo has now released the following statement to those concerned: We appreciate the concern shown in the aftermath of the … Continue reading

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