Nintendo Scene provide Wii gaming at the Maids of England’s first event

Saturday the 03 September 11 saw the Maids of England’s first maid cafe at Cafe VN in Clerkenwell Road, London.  The maids and butlers of MOE have been promoting themselves at several events across the UK, but this was their first event in what is to be their home venue. I had previously been lucky … Continue reading

Nintendo Scene to provide Wii Gaming at Upcoming Maid Cafe

In an exclusive pairing, NintendoScene will be providing some Wii gaming action at the next Maids of England Maid Cafe event. At an exclusive press event on Saturday 06 Aug 11, I was treated to tea, a special edition Maids of England cake, entertainment and the delightful company of the Maids and Butler Shen.  I … Continue reading

Hyper Japan 2011 Day 1 Prelim Report – Super Mario and Mario Kart playable demos

Hyper Japan – Olympia 2, Kensington, London Day 1 Report Just so you’re aware, this is a quick fire report just to update people on what went down on Hyper Japan’s first day so you can make an informed decision about coming down on Sat or Sun. My day went like this: Entered Hyper Japan … Continue reading

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