Happy 20th Anniversary Mario Kart!

Twenty years ago today Nintendo released a new type of racer onto the Super Nintendo. That racer was Super Mario Kart and twenty years on Mario and all his buddies are still sat in pole-position with players from around the world still enjoy his go-karting antics! In twenty years we’ve had seven Mario Kart titles … Continue reading

Gaming The Social Network – London StreetPass Day Part 1

There was a time, a time where gaming was reserved for a small minority who would spend hours alone in their rooms, behind closed doors, whacking away on their controllers. You could say not much has changed, but there has definitely been a shift in the dynamics of gaming in recent years. Nintendo have been … Continue reading

A Week In 3D(S)

I say Week, on Thursday the 31st March, as thanks to some lucky pre-ordering and a great service from an online retailer which I won’t name, I received my Aqua blue Nintendo 3DS on launch day -1. Thursday 24th March. I was in a meeting when it arrived, upstairs. The team I work with weren’t, … Continue reading

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