New Super Smash Bros. Game to Feature New Characters and New Moves

Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai revealed this week that the new Smash Bros. game for the Wii U and 3DS will feature some new characters as well as giving the existing characters a new lease of life. Sakurai revealed at this week’s CEDEC Computer Entertainment Developers Conference that the returning characters will have a … Continue reading

Project Sora Have Closed Their Doors

Kid Icarus: Uprising developer Project Sora has folded. According to the company’s webpage, the studio was closed as of June 30, and the website will soon follow on July 31. Project Sora was formed in 2009 by Masahiro Sakurai. The studio developed Kid Icarus: Uprising as its first, and only, game. Sakurai is serving as director … Continue reading

Club Nintendo Japan Releasing Kid Icarus: Uprising Soundtrack

This morning is was unveiled that Club Nintendo of Japan would be stocking the upcoming Kid Icarus: Uprising soundtrack as a promotional deal. Those members who register the game will be able to grab the soundtrack for a discounted 250 points, while for other Club Nintendo of Japan members it will cost 400 points. Masahiro Sakurai has announced … Continue reading

Smash Bros. Wii U May Take Awhile

Super Smash Bros. creator, Masahiro Sakurai, has warned fans not to expect to be playing Super Smash Bros. Wii U any time soon. He indicated in a Nintendo Power interview that he had not yet formed an official team to work on the games. He said that the development “may take a while”. Sakurai told Nintendo … Continue reading

Kid Icarus: Uprising Comes Bundled With 3DS Stand

Masahiro Sakurai, head of Project Sora, has revealed that Kid Icarus: Uprising will come bundled with a stylish 3DS stand. The foldable stand sits on your desk and cradles the 3DS. It come in useful as you target enemies with the stylus while controlling Pit with the Circle Pad and A, B, X and Y buttons. It … Continue reading

Sakurai has “no plans” for Smash Bros.

Throughout the wave of exciting announcements at this year’s E3 conference, one important title had been left unmentioned. So yes, we had Luigi’s Mansion 2, Resident Evil, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Star Fox and even Tekken. But what the crowd really wanted to hear from Nintendo’s president was the announcement of Nintendo’s favourite fighter. And that’s … Continue reading

Smash Bros. Wii U and 3DS Details Revealed

In a recent Iwata Asks interview Smash Bros designer Masahiro Sakaurai discussed how the recently announced Wii U and 3DS editions of Smash Bros could work together. Thanks to Andriasang, a translation of the interview is online and these are the main points. Internal talk about creating a new Smash Bros. first started a bit … Continue reading

New Kirby DS release date announced

This week’s issue of Coro Coro Comic magazine has revealed the release date for the new Kirby game as the 7th July in Japan. The Japanese name of the game is Atsumete! Kirby (集めて! カービィ), which translates to Collect! Kirby, the final name for the probable PAL and NTSC release has not yet been disclosed. … Continue reading

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