Epic Mickey 2 Will Be A Launch Day Title For Wii U

Disney Interactive have today announced that the highly-anticipated Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two video game will be available for the Nintendo Wii U system from launch day, November 30th. Using the Wii U GamePad, players will see a fully detailed, real-time map of Wasteland with markers to help guide them through the game and complete the various quests … Continue reading

New World For Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

The latest issue of Jump magazine has revealed that a new world will make an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance, Fantasia. Fantasia is the third feature in Walt Disney’s animated classics series, and now Sora and friends will venture through its world. The Fantasia world is titled Symphony of Sorcery, which features Mickey … Continue reading

Epic Mickey 2 In The Works?

The most famous mouse in the world(sorry Speedy Gonzalez) could be going back to his old school roots, again. Mickey Mouse starred in the first installment of the Epic Mickey series and had mixed reviews, mostly good except for camera issues. A newsletter/status update was sent out, prematurely by Disney, showing evidence that a sequel … Continue reading

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